Adventure is Out There

I asked myself 2 questions before I began this sketch:

1. Can I sketch a detailed and quality illustration without taking hours of meticulous sketching and obsession to fine details? I want to capture the pure essence of an image for the purpose of quality illustration, not representation of detail. 

2. Can I sketch an illustration that breaks me out of the mold of sketching “known” scenes and layouts?

The answer, this sketch…and hopefully I was successful! I am an admirer of the tag line from Up, “Adventure is Out There.” To me, that phrase directs me to Disney, where adventures are found and dreams can come true. That is what led me to Cinderella’s Castle. Carl’s house floated over Paradise Falls because that was his dream of adventure. My dream of adventure is to one day work for Disney as an artist, so I sketched the iconic house with balloons floating over Cinderlla’s Castle!



2 thoughts on “Adventure is Out There

  1. Megan, this is great! You did a great sketch of the Castle, but I like your goal of drawing things other than “known” scenes. I’m actually doing something similar, by placing Disney characters into scenes you may not expect to find them in but make perfect sense. By the way, is that a hidden Mickey at the top of all those balloons?

    I’d like to share this on my FB page, if that’s OK with you. I don’t know if you are on FB or not, but please take a moment to look at some of my work:

    Thanks, and I want to see more of your sketches!


    • Thank you for commenting, I’m happy to hear what you’re working on too! Normally I do try and add a hidden Mickey but this time if it happened it was purely accidental! Yes please share, I have looked at your FB page before and have enjoyed looking at your work!


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