The Power in Small BeginningsĀ 

These are two simple sketches with pencil and pen variations on a canvas. First is your Simba, and then Wall-e and Eve. The canvas forced me to be quick and less detailed because it was a rough surface. Few lines can speak so many words though. I enjoyed playing with this medium!
Just like Simba, you never know when your journey to be king will begin. It’s never to early to start dreaming, the adventure awaits! I love The Lion King and young Simba’s. Could be why I named my dog Simba šŸ™‚ Wall-e and Eve find their adventure beyond their surroundings, exploring expanse of the world yet finding joy in the simplest of things!


Carry Me Safe to Shore

I love the song “Lighthouse,” by Rend Collective. It’s beat, lyrics and incredible message. Lighthouses may be one of my favorite elements of architecture, for their unique architecture and purpose. I often talk about how much I love to draw. And if I don’t say it enough, I love to draw!! I love art in any way shape or form. It’s so compelling, moving our hearts and spirits through stories exhibited in each piece of art. But I have to gives thanks to The Maker, for giving me my love for and ability to draw and create art. Through His hands all things are beautiful, and I want to ring Him praise withheld abilities He gave me. This image has been impressed in my imagination for a while, because I’ve been wanting to start painting and drawing lighthouses. I decided to try something very difficult with this one. I wanted to work on my knowledge of perspectives, nature, movement and forms but have no reference other than my imagination. I didn’t use an existing lighthouse or visual of the sea, just let my hand draw. Here’s my first lighthouse! 

When it Rains, it Pours

To me, water is one of the hardest subjects to draw. It’s movement and grace is like nothing I’ve witnessed. Rain has been on my mind a lot lately. This seem came to mind, “the rain rain rain came down down down,” from Winnie the Pooh. Hopefully this will be a start of some future water studies because I’d love to learn to draw water for all its beauty!