I’ve started this blog because of the beauty I see in the art of sketching, painting and modeling. I love the process and the product and want to share my passion, and in turn hopefully improve through feedback and the continual habit of “making”.

“Making” is a physical and mental art of expression and release that tells a story for both the artist and viewer. Art is a means to explore the details of the world, discover relationships between objects and the find beauty in expression. The artist explores with the eye, takes a journey through the creating process and then reveals a timeless story to be told. The hand is the most powerful tool to animate the imagination. The time to sit down, see a blank page, draw a line, explore relationships between lines, emphasize – deemphasize. It is a learning process that is becomes much richer as time passes. You know more and are better attuned with the object after the exploration. A sketch is the first step in what it means to construct space. A 2D sketch can be an animation, not just 3D physical movement. A sketch tells a story, a sketch can come to life. The simplest sketch can have the most powerful message. It is not about the number of lines, but the depth of the lines and relationship they play together on the page.

My inspiration for sketching and art comes from Walt Disney. I am an admirer of Walt Disney’s imagination and determination to bring his imagination to life. I was an intern architect for two years, then decided I loved working with my hands to much and transitioned roles to work construction. Now I am a project coordinator for a construction team, and still am an aspiring artist. 


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