Finding Home

It’s been oh so long since I’ve taken the time to post and reflect on art; it’s been a year of amazing adventures and transitions, my art has been quick and sketchy in-between adventures or along journeys when I’m able to take momentary pauses. Ive come to know art in new and incredible ways! I️ wouldn’t change a thing!

When evaluating 2017 and entering 2018, there remains a big passion of mine: art. The expression…The display of mighty themes and emotions through line and color…The act of creating. It’s all a journey! And it’s one thing to make something and it’s another to make and reflect. That’s what I️ choose to do here!

So…to start the blogging pattern again, I thought I’d start with my most recent sketch/watercolor. It’s actually mimicking a beautiful piece of art I found in an art store in Asheville NC. I’ve found so much inspiration in the art I’ve seen traveling! This piece is comprised with minimalism and eccentric patterns, contrasted by the cultural display of an every day term, “home.” The term means something different and looks different to everyone, but the desire for this concept and the ideal peace it brings runs deep among all people. It’s now hanging in my “home!” And…I similarly feel that “home”-like peace when I am viewing and making art! I am thankful for he beautiful joy that art brings to my life.


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