Magical Transformation

Cinderella’s magical transformation from rags to an elegant gown is a study of movement and grace. Disney art focused heavily on her visual transformation, from the movement in her arms and hair and clothing. It’s expressive and fluid. When I decided to sketch this subject, I wanted to study her movement as a means of illustrating the magic. I completed this sketch in three 30minute sittings. I really wanted the movement to be the emphasis, the transformation should be viewed as a whole, rather than each still. I took very little time working on each still, and instead focused on making the lines look alive.


A Pumpkin for a Carriage

In honor of the Fall season and Disney Magic, I decided to draw Cinderella’s magical pumpkin carriage.

A short 15-20 minute sketch with some shading was done to highlight the magical transformation from pumpkin to carriage. Hints of the pumpkin’s true form still remain in the details. The characteristics of the classic carriage are derived from the pumpkin, taking shape and transforming.