Doodles….an ode to coffee

My favorite coffee shop is closing. It’s been a place where I spent some of my first dates with my husband. A place where I met friends and took family. This coffee shop has been a center for community for years. As I reflect on this place, and all the people it’s brought together, I started doodling….not really knowing what it was at first. The coffee shop was on my mind. As the doodle evolved I realized it’s becoming a statement of all the various ways people drink coffee, just like the variety of people that walk into the coffee shop every day. It’s all different, it’s all beautiful. We’re all different, we’re all beautiful. The more variety, the more beautiful the doodle (life and community) becomes. I’m so thankful for this coffee shop. And I love that doodling is a means of expressing/reflecting on my thoughts. External processing, as one might say. An ode to coffee. An ode to community. It’s all beautiful.