WALL-e and Eve

Maybe one of my favorite love stories that Disney has made…

…WALL-e using the fire extinguisher so he can fly with Eve. Since I drew them separately, I wanted to do a drawing of them interacting and hopefully capture that interaction. 

A 20 minute sketch on a post-it note. 



Eve: Simple Complexity

To accompany my sketch of WALL – E, I did a drawing of Eve. Eve may look simple, but the composition of her form is extremely complex. To break it down literally, it could take five lines to make the five shapes that form Eve. But in composition, those lines make a proportional, round, floating and sleek figure.

First, I did a quick 1-2min sketch to lay out proportions. 

Second, I finished with 5-8min of layering details and tone

WALL-E : see Quick Sketches – megan carpenter