A New Chapter – Finding My Own Style (Part 1)

It’s been a long break but it’s been a wonderful time of reflection and contemplation. No matter where my thoughts take me, they somehow always take me back to my love of art. Not just the physical art, but the process of letting my imagination pour out on paper.

I’ve decided to lean into that heart beat and dive deeper into my “hobby” of sketching and see what happens when I let my imagination run loose! While doing so, I want to discover and embrace my own style. I have a massive appreciation for talented artists in the world, but what I’m learning is that the best way to appreciate and thank them isn’t to just do fan art, but to be my own artist. (Not discrediting fan art because it is still amazing and I love it too). But that’s where this next chapter is taking me, finding my own style and embracing it.

Step 1: I’m going to be stepping out on a limb and producing my own unique creative art where you’ll get to see my own imagination! Regardless of how it’s received, I’m excited to embark on the journey and get to know myself better through my own art.

Step 2: Name changes and social media! I’ve gotten married since I originally started this blog, and I thus have changed my name. I’m going to leave the blog name as-is because it was with my maiden name where I produced my favorite work of all time and had my dream come true by being selected as the Disney 2015 D23 Challenge finalist. I am still on cloud 9 from that!! But I’ve started an Instagram where I’m producing all original art! If you’ve enjoyed the blog and want to see where the next chapter of finding my own style leads, than please follow my Instagram! @meglaughlin.art

The Instagram is where I’ll be posting all my new creative endeavors for now. This isn’t goodbye but a “see you around.”

So here’s a sneak peak of what will be posted on my Instagram and Part 2 will be found there…

To start, I’ve been dreaming up a series of sketches that reimagine inanimate objects as if they had personalities as people. What would they look like? What is their personality?

Here’s the first bit!

a couple who loves to dance the night away by Meg Laughlinan baseball pitcher at the top of his game by Meg Laughlina dancing queen by Meg Laughlin

Thank you to all the followers and friends and I hope to continue to connect with you via Instagram!


Constructed Beauty

Constructed Beauty is the Final Artwork (Second Phase) for the Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge. It follows the blue print of Constructing Beauty, to bring Sleeping Beauty’s Castle out of the Storybook and into reality. After all, nothing is more powerful than the imagination. As a story is read, the pages come to life!

The Final Artwork served as one of the 23 Final Artwork submissions, which were displayed at the D23 EXPO 2015 in Anaheim California August 14th-16th, 2015.

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Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge - Final Artwork
Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge – Final Artwork

Constructing Beauty

It was all started by a mouse..and a sketch. “Constructing Beauty” is a remembrance of the beginnings in which Disney art and animation was born. The process in which sleeping beauty’s castle came to life began with pencil, paper and the imaginative hand. Walt Disney sketched his ideas on paper, napkins, through building model trains, etc; Walt Disney used his hand as the tool to animate his imagination. “Constructing Beauty” illustrates what it means to construct space with the hand, to illustrate an entire thought-process on paper and bring the imagination to life. The sketch is the first step in what it means to construct space. A blank page is transformed; a small process sketch originates in the corner to brainstorm the big picture, size proportions and prep the hand for the great artistic endeavor. The page begins to be filled with construction lines, then the facade goes up, details are pieced together and the ornamentation is applied. The sketch is a graphic model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle under construction from start to finish; blueprint, framework, finished product. The next phase would be to raise the sketch off the page into a three-dimensional tangible object; a “Constructed Beauty.” It will be constructed in an extraordinary and unordinary way, entirely by hand and entirely carved out of paper. It will appear as if the Castle emerged out of the story book. I am an intern architect, the Design Competition is a blending of my talents, passions and aspirations.

**This piece was entered into the Disney D23 Design Challenge 2015 and was selected as a Finalist. The Second Phase (Final Artwork) of the Design Challenge was later submitted for a chance to win the Grand Prize. Final Artwork was displayed at the D23 EXPO in Anaheim California August 14th-16th, 2015. 


Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge
Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge