Captivated by Baby Yoda

Who isn’t captivated by Baby Yoda! Disney created a character who has stolen our hearts. It goes to show, actions speak louder than words. Art is truly expressive because Baby Yoda is a leading character with no lines! His actions, expressions and gestures say it all. The character artists have done a fantastic job illustrating Baby Yoda in a way that makes us feel like he is speaking to us without any words. He is so full of life, emotions and inquisition. Well done Disney (as usual). So in the spirit of this wave of adoration for Baby Yoda, I decided to do my own fan art!

By Meg Laughlin (formerly Meg Carpenter)


A Facial Expression Says a Thousand Words

The phrase is “a picture says a thousand words.” But what about the picture speaks? I wanted to sketch some fan art today and was exploring various options. I normally do classic Disney characters and images, but I figured I’d challenge myself with something more current. Wreck-it Ralph immediately popped into my mind, and as I started researching his character, I realize how expressive he is! Then I realized that his expressive nature is a part of who he is! So I couldn’t accurately depict Ralph without illustration just a few of his many facial expressions. Each of these speak something different but together they tell us how “animated” Ralph’s personality really is!

Never Lose Sight of One Thing

…it was all started by a mouse.

Steamboat Willie and the iconic scene for which Mickey Mouse is known. This sketch is about understanding the scene in full, it’s not enough to just depict Mickey.

Process is very important to me as the means of visual development, so I’ve attached process pictures of my sketch.


Fab Five POP Art

The Fab Five are back! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and Donald are Walt Disney’s classic characters who were with him from the beginning. Daisy Duck joins the gang in this collection of POP Art paintings. A new medium is introduced in this artistic creation. A series of brush strokes transform a blank white canvas into an expressive illustration of Walt Disney’s Fab Five. What emotions are their expressions reflecting? Let your imagination guide you!

Minnie Mouse IMG_1825 Donald Duck FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5) Mickey Mouse - Cheer

Constructing Beauty

It was all started by a mouse..and a sketch. “Constructing Beauty” is a remembrance of the beginnings in which Disney art and animation was born. The process in which sleeping beauty’s castle came to life began with pencil, paper and the imaginative hand. Walt Disney sketched his ideas on paper, napkins, through building model trains, etc; Walt Disney used his hand as the tool to animate his imagination. “Constructing Beauty” illustrates what it means to construct space with the hand, to illustrate an entire thought-process on paper and bring the imagination to life. The sketch is the first step in what it means to construct space. A blank page is transformed; a small process sketch originates in the corner to brainstorm the big picture, size proportions and prep the hand for the great artistic endeavor. The page begins to be filled with construction lines, then the facade goes up, details are pieced together and the ornamentation is applied. The sketch is a graphic model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle under construction from start to finish; blueprint, framework, finished product. The next phase would be to raise the sketch off the page into a three-dimensional tangible object; a “Constructed Beauty.” It will be constructed in an extraordinary and unordinary way, entirely by hand and entirely carved out of paper. It will appear as if the Castle emerged out of the story book. I am an intern architect, the Design Competition is a blending of my talents, passions and aspirations.

**This piece was entered into the Disney D23 Design Challenge 2015 and was selected as a Finalist. The Second Phase (Final Artwork) of the Design Challenge was later submitted for a chance to win the Grand Prize. Final Artwork was displayed at the D23 EXPO in Anaheim California August 14th-16th, 2015. 


Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge
Disney D23 EXPO Design Challenge